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October 1, 2011
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Edit: Fixed a bug that infinitely duplicated the game if it lost focus, re-gained focus and pressed spacebar (WTF!? Spacebars not even used!?)

This is a prototype of a game like tank trouble.

- 2 Player tank fighting!
- Smoke on damaged players!
- Perfect randomly generated maze levels!
- Full RGB & Hex colour on tanks!
- Sounds!
- Bugs ( probably )
- Addictiveness

I may be working on some new weapons and maybe ( a tiny maybe ) a BOT!

Please report bugs!
Please comment/critique!
Please favorite!
Please enjoy!
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It's a great idea. It could use an AI-control option, and maybe an upgrade system if you wish to get the game sponsored. I like the system, especially the randomly-generated maze.

Did you use AS3 or AS2? In most of my games, I cannot get the keyboard to register more than 3 or 4 keystrokes at once, whereas your game seems to register many more!
Thanks, I hope I can implement some sort of AI controlled bot...

I used AS3, this is an example of my keyboard listener in an external .as file:

(The :Boolean is meant to be Boolean with a : in front)

public var yourKey:Boolean;

stage.addEventListener( KeyboardEvent.KEY_DOWN, KeyDown );
stage.addEventListener( KeyboardEvent.KEY_UP, KeyUp );

public function KeyDown( e:KeyboardEvent ) {
    if ( e.keyCode == yourKeyCode ) {
        yourKey = true;

public function KeyUp( e:KeyboardEvent ) {
    if ( e.keyCode == yourKeyCode ) {
        yourKey = false;

and you can just add more if statements with different keycodes to the listeners, just test for the yourKey variable on enterframe/timer update!

Hope this helps
I like to have an array called keys[], and then for every KEY_DOWN I say keys[e.keyCode] = true; and for every KEY_UP I say keys[e.keyCode] = false; so I can simply say if(keys[32]) {} we're pressing space.

Not to interfere with your methods, just thought I wanted to share. xD
Nice, quicker to implement than individual booleans!
This is the exact same code that I use, actually.
Oh... I guess I don't know then :XD:
SatyreX Oct 1, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Pretty cool for a prototype. I would play it when its finished. You can also try to add an online multiplayer function, that would enhance the whole game a lot.

By the way, i like the fact that your tank can be damaged by its own bullets. I wouldn't change that, cause thats a special feature, that most games have not.

Here some ideas, maybe you like them :)
For the future you should add some more terrain, with special attributes (Ice - sliding, sand - moving slower, mud - sticky, damage areas ...),
also tank designes, weapons for sure, and "fog of war"-option, day/night maps...

I am looking forward for seeing the finished project :)

When you like, i can try to give you some more ideas, that i have noticed in other popular games, and new ones.
Good ideas, i'll keep those in mind and remember who to ask!
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